Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scrap Materials: Project 3: Puffy hearts

Pretty cute, huh? I am a sucker for recycling, upcycling - whatever you want to call it. Anything that I can make from scraps, or something left over, I will do it!! I hate to see anything go to waste. These little cuties have been made from some material scraps, stuffed with more material scraps!

Now actually, some of these are not stuffed too. You can do either way, but I just like to use my scraps somehow. It is the most fun to be able to use two different, but similar - or, if you are bold, two totally conflicting fabrics. It just adds some pizazz to your design. Be sure to check this blog for my next post to see how I use the scraps from the left over fabric from the heart cut-outs..

***Box or hearts can be purchased here and here...



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