Monday, January 9, 2012

More Holiday Boutique Photos

Here is another table at my boutique - this one was the "Vintage & Tattered Romance" table....though I think I took this pic after it had been picked over quite a bit...

My friend Karen showing off her wares: burnt orange vintage slip-dress, vintage pearls and hand painted cross.

I absolutely had to show off my "candy-bar". I saw this in a magazine and had to do it! I loved it and kept it up (in fact all the decor - even including the pom-poms) the whole holiday season. The framed "Noel" was supposed to be my wreath this year for the front door, but was too light and kept sticking out from the wreath hook. Oh well, live and learn..

another one of the "candy-bar"..

Where have I been, you ask?

So, I spent allot to time during October/November trying to get ready for my Dec. 4th "Shop in my Closet" Boutique. It turned out to be so much fun and I ended up having way more things to sell than I thought! Well, I would rather have had that, then not enough. (I think I spent half a day just turning out various necklaces and earrings...manic).

My friends Suzie and George posing with their wares: my up-cycled heart scarf, prayer box and Bliss tiny picture.

Decisions, decisions...

My sweet friend Amanda, in from Vegas, posing with the painting she just bought "Asian Scene". Loved seeing her and boy, did she walk away with a lot of goodies!

Just one of my displays...I really loved how it all turned out! From decorating with pom-pom's, to how every corner had a different kind of theme. This table was sort of a cute-kitschy, colorful one. Will post more pic's in next post....

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