Monday, January 9, 2012

More Holiday Boutique Photos

Here is another table at my boutique - this one was the "Vintage & Tattered Romance" table....though I think I took this pic after it had been picked over quite a bit...

My friend Karen showing off her wares: burnt orange vintage slip-dress, vintage pearls and hand painted cross.

I absolutely had to show off my "candy-bar". I saw this in a magazine and had to do it! I loved it and kept it up (in fact all the decor - even including the pom-poms) the whole holiday season. The framed "Noel" was supposed to be my wreath this year for the front door, but was too light and kept sticking out from the wreath hook. Oh well, live and learn..

another one of the "candy-bar"..


miss vintage love said...

Ooooh, I love your candy bar! I may have to try and make my own next Christmas! :) Also love your boutique - really cute!

DitzyRedhead said...

Thanks! I sure if you change out the colors, candy canes, you could come up with something really great for was fun!

Chrisy said...

Looks so inviting...wish I was over your side of the world and I'd drop by!


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