Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reconstructed Clothing - CreoleCollection

This is from CreoleCollection.etsy.com
I really dig what they have going here - really different and fun. I am big on the creams, cocoa's, ecru's, etc. There's something that just really seems sophisticated yet can have a little bit of funk to it.
Remember Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink"? She was always making over something to suit her freaky attitude; cutting up something, sewing it here or there. The Prom dress. Some sort of pinkish something...so I thought, "what if I did an ongoing series of reconstructed clothing"? I love this sort of thing, and was often compared to Ms. Ringwald by my best friend over the years as I did the same sort of thing. Hand sewn dolly clothes to high school minis. Here is the start of my reconstructed clothing series. Give 'em a vist when you can...I'm sure you won't be empty handed when you leave.


Jenn said...

Very pretty!


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