Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pep Quotes

Recently when in Maui, I saw written somewhere:

Goals are deceptive; the un-aimed arrow never misses

Myself? I take this to mean, regardless of the goals that I set, there may be something else out there that I am moving towards, even if I don't know it yet -another purpose perhaps.

What do you think?

Reconstructed Clothing - Recycle My Dress

I came across this site recently and was so impressed I wanted to give a big shout out to the owner/seamstress, Nicole Kulp at She was kind enough to answer some questions for this feature.
Take a look at her beautiful creations. Here are some noteworthy before & after's. (and my amateur Photoshop does not do these justice!):

Before & After

How did you fall into what you doing? I started recycling my bridesmaid’s dresses because I had trouble throwing out so much money and memories! Plus it just didn't seem right, I mean if you have the chance to save something with such good bones, wouldn't you?

How long have you been doing this? I have been recycling and wearing recycled dresses for over 4 years now.

Before................. After

Have you always been creative? Is this your only creative outlet? I would say that I have always been creative; I have had my hands in everything from ceramics, painting, printmaking to photography!

How long does it take you to create one piece? It can take me from start to finish on a dress, from a day to a week.

How do you come by your dresses? Some of my dresses are found at thrift stores, but most of them are owned by the customers (given to me to recycle then I give them back to them!)

What would be your advice to entrepreneurial women just starting out? I would tell other women to save there pennies, and use the internet!

What has been the hardest obstacle to overcome? has been getting my name and concept out there!

Where else can we see your work? You can find my work at,, and Green Being in Scranton, PA. Also you can check my website; I do first Fridays all over, and art shows!

Do you believe in the “pay it forward” kind of concept? Helping someone else for free and for fun, ultimately brings good back to you?

I do believe in the concept of 'pay it forward', I taught yoga twice a week for free @ my yoga studio for well over a year. It did feel good to help them out and even better when they were appreciative for my donation. Thank you, Nicole :)

Something can be done about that old brides' maid dress!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am so PO'd. I spent most of the day dealing with a migraine yesterday and was not able to paint. So, now I feel behind. I hate that. I do get to spend time with a young friend that wants a "lesson" in painting boxes though, so this will be fun. Off to start the day. Hope to post more later..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Shameless Plug

Are these not D-A-R-L-I-N-G? I mean cute, cute, cute.... you can find these at:

..if I don't happen to swoop them up first......

Pep Quotes

It's that time again. Is everything in life this busy or do we just make it that way? Drycleaners, bank, return the shoes, buy crafts, feed the husband (or kids) - and oh yeah - feed myself! And of course, tend to my business: Etsy, my website, follow Twitter, the "My-Face's" as I like to call them, return emails, post and on and on and on........when in the quite of meditating, one thought kept coming back:

Don't hurry
Stay peaceful
See the day

Are you doing this today?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Don't forget to YART! CHECK

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reconstructed Clothing - CreoleCollection

This is from
I really dig what they have going here - really different and fun. I am big on the creams, cocoa's, ecru's, etc. There's something that just really seems sophisticated yet can have a little bit of funk to it.
Remember Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink"? She was always making over something to suit her freaky attitude; cutting up something, sewing it here or there. The Prom dress. Some sort of pinkish I thought, "what if I did an ongoing series of reconstructed clothing"? I love this sort of thing, and was often compared to Ms. Ringwald by my best friend over the years as I did the same sort of thing. Hand sewn dolly clothes to high school minis. Here is the start of my reconstructed clothing series. Give 'em a vist when you can...I'm sure you won't be empty handed when you leave.

One Lovely Blog Award

StunningAnnaK - - gave me the One Lovely Blog Award! I AM SO EXCITED!! I'm so new to blogging; this was a nice surprise..

So here are the One Lovely Blog Award Rules of Blog Award Acceptance:

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2. Pass the award to 10 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Here they are, in no particular order - and are fabulous....
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StunningAnnaK - thanks!
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Love it!

Tuesday...another work day

Another work day - and by that I mean corporate work day. Oh how I dream of being a full time artist- "arting" or creating all set phones...I could go on and on. I will say over and over again today: All good things are coming to me now - under grace in perfect ways...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Yart Sale Items

These are my Etsy Yart Sale items. I may be putting something else on sale too....who can tell


I will be a part of the Yart Sale on as will many others starting this June 10-14th. What is a YART Sale you ask? This is my first time, but my understanding is that it is sort of an online sale with any of the shops that wish to participate that are a part of Etsy. They have different specials/promotions/sale items, etc. YARD + ART = YART - get it? If you do a search under YART - you should be able to get a slew of shops come up to peruse...I'll try to post some interesting shops/items I come by (as well as my own!) prior to check it out and have fun!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pep Quotes

Here are a few things that were brought to my attention lately when I was a little, shall we say "blue"..if I can remember these when I need to (anxious, fearful, tearful, angry - I think you know the rest) - I think it might just give me a little piece of mind.....

  • They're not doing it to me, they're just doing it
  • Prosperity is an unlimited abundance
  • What occupies your mind will magnify in your life; good or bad is no difference
Maybe this can help someone whenever there is stress over the economy, or irritated at the employee at the DMV that really seems to be rude, or when not so great things are going on in their lives and it's really hard to keep a stiff upper lip. You never know whenever someone is going to give you a small morsel to hold onto...

My girlfriend always says "When your life becomes important to you, you'll live it". Moments - all about the moments you let go by.....

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